Launched in February 2021

  • - Social and economic exclusion.
  • - At-risk youth and youth gangs.
  • - Illegal gun ownership and weapons.
  • - Female violence.
  • - LGBTQ violence.
  • - Violence by the police.
  • - Racism.


CD cuisines is a flexible cuisine selection service for casual purchases and a subscription plan that "offers world class cultural diversity cuisines". This service was inspired to motivate people to regularly experience cuisines from around the world in order to learn about and respect other cultures' uniquenesses and as humans, understand that we have a lot more in common with the aim to reduce racism. As often as every day or when it's casually chosen, culturally diversified and appetizing cuisine will be delivered to our customers.

Phase 1: Discover and patronize our restaurant allies and other businesses, that are advertising in our online directory and/or our book of community allies, to fund our initiative to reduce youth gangs and illegal gun violence and anti-Black racism.

Phase 2: A delivery app for restaurants which is currently in development.

If you operate a restaurant that offers take out or another business and you want your business to join our growing number of community allies, to offer your cuisine, products and/or services to our ever growing number of supporters, call or text us at: 647-606-3519.

A consistent conversation ultimately leads to results. Visit the main Facebook page: in the shop and photos section or the Canadian Facebook page: in the photos section to see the entire line of items. Buy here!