One of the top investment brokers in North America, a Bay Street legend and former dragon on the Dragon's den, Michael Wekerle:

More endorsements to come!


Celebrities, influencers, mover and shakers who bought our items but we failed to ask for an endorsement

Steve Ballmer? Microsoft convention 2012 or 2013 - Was certain it was him.  He didn't deny it was him. There was a Microsoft  convention at the Metropolitan Toronto convention centre. He bought a $20.00 edition from one of our branding executives.

Doug Ford  - He bought a Jackie Robinson edition for $20.0 USD on the bridge by the Rogers center after a Blue Jays game. This took place when he was a Toronto city councilor.

Michael Lansberg - after a Toronto Maple leafs game just south of Front street on Bay. He bought a hockey edition for $20.00.

Bob Rae June 22, 2013 - He bought an Opera edition for $20.00 at the Canadian Opera house.

Glen Murray October 20, 2013 - Bought an edition for $10.00 nearby Bay Street station. He picked up a LGBTQ t-shirt a few years later.

Mat Damien Bought an edition for $20.00.

Royston James February 26, 2014 City Hall - He bought an edition for $20.00 when we had a table set up at Toronto's city hall.

Gordon Lightfoot March 25, 2014 Sheraton hotel parkade - He bought an edition. Someone told me who he is. I like his music too!

Wayne Gretzky April 15, 2015 east on King and York - He bought 3 publications. Hockey, Willy O'Ree and P.K. Subban for $50.00.

Eric Hoskins April 4, 2015 Maple Leaf Square hockey game Ontario minister of health - He and his son bought a hockey edition for $20.00.

Ben Mulruny June 9, 2015 He bought a $25.00 coffee mug at Summerhill station.

David Mirvish October 21, 2015 Motown - He bought an Opera edition for $20.00.

Michael "Pinball" Clemons - February 22, 2016 - He bought a $20.00 wrist bracelet.

Dini Petty July 16, 2016, St. Lawrence market $10.00 Bought an item. Do not recall what it was.

Nadir Mohamed August 29, 2016, Golf Town across the street on King Street. September 14, 2016 TIFF lightbox He bought a $20.00 wrist bracelet. He was surprised I recognized him.

Art Eggleton November 12, 2018 Bloor and Park bought possibly stickers  $10.00.

Fred Hahn Bought a LGBTQ t-shirt for $20.00.

Jozy Altidore May 24, 2019 Met outside the Bay street subway station. He was walking out of the back alley. He was in a rush. Hailed a cab for him on Bloor.  Briefly chatted with him. Hours later he came through the same back alley in his Cadillac Escalade and offered $40.00. I gave him two wrist bracelets but he wanted the t-shirt. Will connect later.

Million Stegal June 1, 2019 St. Lawrence market Front and Market - He bought a $20.00 wrist bracelet.

Omar Shachedina Nathan Phillips square, St. Lawrence market Front and Market June 1, 2019 - He bought a wrist bracelet for $20.00.

Chris Rock July 14, 2019 Yorkville $35.00 He bought a couple of wrist bracelets.

Melissa Grelo July 24, 2019 Kipling station - She bought a $25.00 t-shirt.

Paul Jones July 28, 2019 Jazz festival Queen and Woodbine Southside - He bought a $20.00 wrist bracelet.

Michael Lee Chin and family. August 31, 2019 Yorkville In front of One restaurant $50.00 3 wrist bracelets.

Russell Oliver from Oliver jewellery - March 2021 Knocked on his door and he bought 5 wrist bracelets. A shooting took place right across his home at a basketball court on January 29, 2021. He said he saw the aftermath moments after the murder took place.

If we missed anyone, it could be we weren't aware who you were are if you did not introduce yourself or somehow we forget to mention you.