There are several ways "how you can make a difference" with Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns. Whether it's volunteering for a few hours per month, buying items from the growing product and service line or your organization establishes a corporate sponsorship, vision, a collective effort and strong leadership guarantees measurable results. But before you take action, there are reasons why we are the leading, by far, anti-youth gangs and gun violence organization for the overall work that we do. Judge for yourself. See:

NOTE: Pay special attention to 2019.

  • 2017's year end remarks here.
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Now if you are convinced and you want to join in for collective action to affect change, here's what you can do.:


1) connect with us by liking, following and sharing Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns' social networks (The STVASTG  main Facebook page:, the STVASTG Canadian Facebook page:, parent company Negotiate on Demand Facebook page:, the Negotiate on Demand Twitter account:, the STVASTG main Twitter account:, the STVASTG Canadian Twitter account:, the STVASTG Instagram account, the STVASTG TikTok account:, watch our YouTube playlist and subscribe to the STVASTG YouTube channel: and join the STVASTG newsletter list located at the bottom of the webpage.

1.1) become a member.

1.2) promote inexpensively Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns' economic stimulus solutions to reduce youth gangs and illegal gun violence by going here, copy the image "Connect with us and take action now!", Note: 2 images can fit on a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11, print as many copies as you choose, cut each sheet in halves and then tape or staple them in high traffic places. Where? On your door at home, Your automobile, In your neighbourhood, At your work, Bus shelters, Light and telephone posts, Subway station entrances, Schools, Community boards, Everywhere! Tools: Tape, An utility knife and a heavy duty stapler which all can be found at your local dollar store. Set a quota for yourself, for example, post 10 flyers each day. That will be only 10 minutes of your time but over time, it will make an impact when people start connecting to Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns' website and/or social media. Be sure to check on the ones you had posted in the past to make sure they are still visible. Would you rather have us send you a copy instead? Click here.

2) determine your pathway to reduce youth gangs and gun violence. If your are a legal and law abiding gun owner and/or pro-gun, click on the following links to first find out why a growing number of legal and law abiding gun owners are on board here and then how to join them to take action here.

3) fundraise by first establishing a micro partnership by contacting us and then post this commitment statement on your social media accounts with an image of you wearing a Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns wrist bracelet: I am committed to selling $20.00 wrist bracelets to fund the creation of wealth gap closing employment opportunities for our at-risk youth so it will drastically reduce youth gangs & gun violence. #atriskyouthalternatives #silencetheviolenceandshuntheguns

4) buy regularly and/or buy and then resell any of over 100 items. (For deliveries within 24 business hours providing the item(s) ordered are in stock and you are located in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada downtown financial district.) Or you can place your order here, by browsing our most popular items and it will be shipped to you.

4.1) buy and give to us scratch and win and/or lottery tickets for under $10 sale transactions.

5) apply to become a volunteer.

6) apply to become a branding executive.

7) apply to become a mentor.

8) book a free social and economic exclusion workshop(s). Note: Your staff members, who will attend a selected session(s), must be a minimum of 50 or there will be a prepaid but fully recoverable registration fee.

9) contribute to our GoFundMe fundraising campaign. Or contribute once or make regular contribution(s).  Proceeds from the sales our items and donations have and continues to be used to create wealth gap closing employment opportunities. Over 1,000 wealth gap closing opportunities were created in 2019 and for 2020, the goal to create more wealth gap closing employment opportunities is 10,000.

10) sign our petition if you believe we are on the right track for victory to counteract urban poverty which results in youth gangs and gun violence. With the power of our collective signatures, we are asking citizens, especially wealthy citizens who for the most part has been silent, businesses, big and small corporations and all levels of governments to join us and encourage others to participate. We all have a role to play to reduce youth gangs and gun violence and urban poverty.

11) establish a corporate sponsorship.

12) dismantle racist BlogTO and company, a racist so called media organization that launched an unprovoked online attack against us on August 24, 2017. Consider this fact. Many people had and still accuse Black Lives Matter as being violent and a terrorist group but that didn't stop smart people, businesses and corporations from donating over $100 million to their cause. Although our focus isn't accepting donations, our overall sales and social media presences continues to increase. So how do you take  a collective effort to dismantle racist BlogTO? Simply advise their clients by telephone, which are found on their social media and e-mail blasts which your should sign up for, that you and everyone you know will be boycotting their business as long as they have any association with BlogTO.  All BlogTO's clients that they promote must be informed. Unfortunately although they are funding BlogTO's racist actions, it is only fair that they are forewarned that a counterattack will be taking place so they can avoid their possible innocent business from getting obliterated.  On August 1st, it is Emancipation day and after almost 3 years later, on August 1, 2020 we completed our preparations to address this menace of a company BlogTO once and for all. Typically, Blacks do not do retaliate when they are attacked but the founder isn't the stereotypical Black person. And although since only BlogTO launched their attack, and no other organization joined them since, based it on inaccurate information and lies against us, only because of our integrity, intelligence, dedication, hard work and patience to take a necessary counterattack, we rose to become the leading anti-youth gangs and gun violence organization, by far, for the overall work that we do. Our social media presence is stronger than all anti-youth gangs and gun violence organizations and advocates combined. But in order to move on to the final stage in order to successfully execute our initiative that we have been working on since 2010, as the famous ice cream company Ben and Jerry's has stated many times, "We must dismantle white supremacy.". In order to begin eradicating racism, we must identify and dismantle white supremacy, especially when it attacks us. We were just waiting for the right time and opportunity to launch our counterattack. We must and will make an example of BlogTO and company. The time is now on August 1, 2020. Either us or BlogTO must be eliminated. And for the best interests of our society, the organization that must be eliminated is BlogTO. Join us in fighting the good fight. See our full statement here. Use this hashtag in all our social media posts: #dismantleracistBlogTOandcompany

13) and much more. Productive ideas are open for discussion.