There are several ways "how you can make a difference" with Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns. Whether it's volunteering for a few hours per month, buying items from the growing product line or your organization establishes a corporate sponsorship, vision, a collective effort and strong leadership guarantees measurable results. Below you can:

- like, follow and share Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns' social networks (The STVASTG  main Facebook page:, the STVASTG Canadian Facebook page:,
parent company Negotiate on Demand Facebook page:, the Negotiate on Demand Twitter account:, the STVASTG main Twitter account:, the STVASTG Canadian Twitter account:, the STVASTG Instagram account, subscribe on the STVASTG YouTube channel:, join the STVASTG newsletter list located at the bottom of the webpage.
- buy regularly and/or buy and then resell any of over 100 items. (For deliveries within 24 business hours providing the item(s) ordered are in stock and you are located in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada downtown financial district.) Or you can place your order on the bottom of this webpage and it will be shipped to you.
- apply to become a volunteer.
- apply to become a branding executive.
- apply to become a mentor.
- book a free social and economic exclusion workshop(s). Note: Your staff members, who will attend a selected session(s), must be a minimum of 50 or there will be a prepaid but fully recoverable registration fee.
- make a single contribution or make regular contribution(s).
- establish a corporate sponsorship.
- and much more. Productive ideas are open for discussion.