First, we would like to say, for the most part, over the years we have observed that legal gun owners are respectful and reasonable people. Most legal gun owners will ask us us if our initiative is in support of a gun ban. There is no mention of a gun ban and we have signed a petition against bill C71. In fact, we published the link on Facebook so that others can sign. See here and here. This e-petition is now the most signed petition on guns. See here. After educating them, they understand that this growing gun violence problem is a result of an economic inequality problem due to target groups of people who were socially and economically excluded from society for several years. Anyone who pays attention to the media, will realize that the media reports gun violence from the growing criminal underworld. So why would anyone think that a gun ban now is going to make any noticeable impact? Legal gun owners are not the problem. Growing illegal gun owners are the problem for everyone. Poverty stricken areas are turning to crime to survive. They are victims of systematic social and economic exclusion which leads to poverty, which leads to preventable crimes. Our public safety is being threatened. For years we have be cautioning the public that dark days were on the horizon and are coming our way unless we address these social and economic exclusion tactics. Now We are at a point where we are running out of time to make mistakes. It appears that every other solution except the right solution has been executed.  And those bad decisions has cost us our public safety we once enjoyed and innocent lives. We need to take well calculated steps big enough to make a noticeable difference. The answer to legal and law abiding gun owners' question is no for a number of reasons:

1) For a legal gun ban now to have maximum impact, the ban must be firmly in place years before gun violence reaches a crisis level. The guns are already on the streets. Bottom line, too little, too late.

2) Even if a gun ban becomes law, if successful to make it law, a lot of lives would be lost. Most likely more than the record number of homicides in 2018 where most were because of gangs activity.

3) For people who uses guns for their tools of trade to make a living, they are not going to surrender their guns in the best interests of society. The same society that practices social and economic exclusion which plunged and maintains their impoverished communities in a life of poverty.

4) There will be a backlash from legal and law abiding gun owners who believes they are targeted and punished for illegal gun activity.

Our focus from day one and will ever be is to address the poverty problem which will drive down youth gangs and gun violence. When gun violence spikes, the government punishes legal and law abiding gun owners by enacting more laws to restrict them. Illegal gun owners are giving legal and law abiding owners a bad name. And they are sick and tired of being victimized due to a poverty problem. And this is why legal and law abiding gun owners have been buying Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns' items from it's growing product line. In order to drive down youth gangs and gun violence, we must extend ongoing support by allocating our money, time and efforts to people and organizations that are fully committed to do the work that no one else wants to or can do, are competent, accountable and above all, has a long track record of leading the poverty stricken to economic success by giving a hand up to pull them out of poverty. Our ultimate goal is to transform impoverished communities to economic self sufficient economic environments.


With a growing call for a handgun ban, the time is now to join in, educate the public and stand against it. If you live in Toronto Canada or in the G.T.A., buy an anti-gun ban t-shirt here and to ensure nonstop advocacy communication, buy a wrist bracelet here here and then attend and march at the Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns annual march. All the details for the event can be found here.