Date created: October 27, 2018

Last updated: August 1, 2020

Title: Project roadblock

Hashtag: #dismantleracistBlogTOandcompany

Status: Open

Date of incident: August 24, 2017

Synopsis: Unprovoked attacks, unexplained for these motives whereby the perpetrators have published false and inaccurate and outdated information and stories, ongoing safety threats and harassment published on the internet which is showing up near and at the top of internet search engines. And because of BlogTO’s bold step to launch this attack, they also added a link to a Reddit article which has recently rose to the top of the search engine. And Reddit is known to be a racist organization. They attacked us because historically white people are known to get away with crimes other non whites would be severely punished for. When will the law start treating everyone fairly? We are surprised that an organization such as BlogTO with a very large social presence would jeopardize their reputation and confuse their followers with an attack of this nature. They have lumped us with other groups they condemn. We are being policed by BlogTO, just like the patrolling and monitoring of recently freed slaves, watch this video here at 37:00, by the comments section they have open on the online article. Very intimidating and distracting. Say a gun supporter, who is a nut case, could see this article without understanding our motives and could harm our personnel. How can their actions towards us be helpful when we have a rising gun violence problem which is mainly by our youth? They have not provided any other options to address this problem.

We would like to proceed with the offering of corporate sponsorship opportunities but this issue will slow down our intentions to try to expedite our plans to get into those underprivileged areas, fully self funded, to offer economic stimulus solutions by teaching and guiding them to become economically self sufficient. If this roadblock was not in our way, we could have already been working in those underprivileged areas.

The main perpetrators: Ringleader Lauren O’Neil, Derek Flack and BlogTO owner Tim Shore. Lauren O’Neil who spoke directly to the founder with a scowl on her face at University and Queen, was told to e-mail Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns if she wanted an interview instead sneakily took a picture of only him, even though there was two volunteers present, with her cell phone. It should be also noted about 5 years ago, just a 5 metres south on University Ave. right beside the entrance of the subway entrance, an Asian guy charged at the founder and tried to sucker punch him. If he connected, the founder could have been killed. It was rush hour, the founder was standing at the curb where he could have fallen back, hit his head and died or got run over by the traffic. Lucky he ducked at the last second because he knows that most Asians runs flat footed and he could hear him charging towards him. The Asian looked surprised that he missed his target, almost ended up on the street himself, he stood there for a moment, stared at the founder and then scurried away downstairs into the subway station. Anyway, a couple of days later, Derek Flack, trying not to reveal his identity by wearing big sun glasses and big hat, spoke to the second volunteer just west of Bay Street on Queen street and told him that Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns is famous now hoping that the volunteer would quit.  Lauren wasn’t brave enough to place her name on the articles instead she wrote Staff. Maybe when the police shows up at BlogTO’s office, the office should paused so they can all be instructed to stop committing these crimes. Look at a lot of the articles that BlogTO publishes and you will notice that they have the name of the publisher. They should be asked why there is no name on this article. One, so she can not be identified and two, she knew what she did is wrong and dangerous to the founder’s safety. The founder has been assaulted since this article was published. This is personal attack on the founder.

Concerns: White supremacy, skinheads, white nationalists, KKK members are known to condemn anyone who does not look like them especially if they can not exploit them, and are even more angered if people are buying from non whites. Left undealt with, this attack could escalate to violent hate crimes. A non white, especially a Black man tries to erect a commercial building and they will derail him. You don’t believe, just tell us how many skyscrapers are in Canada that are owned and controlled by Blacks but yet we have been here as long as the Europeans have been here when they kidnapped us from Canada. Can anyone say that this is inclusive country knowing only this one of numerous systematic racism facts? Just watch C.B.C. and A.P.T.N. where they report on the effects of colonization by white supremacists. Their ancestors came to this country with nothing and shorty after, they own and control everything and the country’s people’s community is in shambles and males are methodically murdered or pilled up in jail with long prison sentences for in some cases falsely or minor crimes. Personal safety, threats of using false and inaccurate information to discourage potential public and corporate supporters. Maybe their reason for their attacks is because they have a stake in the illegal gun trade. Lauren O’Neil, Derek Flack and BlogTO owner Tim Shore needs to be investigated to determine why they are so intent on placing us in harm’s way. A raid of their offices and personal residents may confirm what I suspect.

Solution: A trustworthy law enforcement officer, several officers in attendance would make a bigger impact, will have to pay BlogTO a personal visit at 250 University Ave, on the 2nd floor and instruct them to immediately cease the harassment, the threats, delete any and all their article(s) and any and all Reddit posting, delete all related data from their servers, remove any and all the webpages on all search engines, do not repeat the offences, have absolutely no contact with with anyone who is connected with Silence the Violence and any and all organizations related to Negotiate on Demand Inc. and do not come within 300 feet from where we are working. And you will be following up to make sure your command is done before the deadline because non compliance will result in second visit but to lay charges. E-mail messages, below, requesting to cease their actions have gone unanswered. And year after this attack, in 2018 at Taste of the Danforth mayor John Tory did a photo op with the founder. See here. And all these haters had no idea the founder has been in discussions with mayor John Tory, mainly by text message, for years. And recently, other powerful and influential people have either stepped up their involvement or have expressed interest in getting involved with the Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns movement after over seven years of hard work, mainly working on the streets of the Toronto financial district, upscale areas, nearby and at events and festivals. See endorsements here. Mayor John Tory appreciates hard workers and can identify winners and that’s why out of the 14 local anti-youth gangs and gun violence organizations he did photo ops with Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns. We guess that Lauren O’Neil and her clan does not appreciate people raising awareness to make our communities safer. Or could it because the leadership of the organization is a Black man? The later for sure. Just look at the articles she writes attacking dark skinned Black men except for Drake who is half Back and white.


The majority of these comments are from ill-informed people who have bad intentions. Notice that these cowards did not identify themselves?

We are just selling items from our growing product line but for some reason Lauren O’Neil and company thinks we are stealing as you will notice she used as an e-mail address. So if we are thieves, would’t that mean that every merchant on this planet are thieves too? Why are they only attacking us? One must wonder if they are any different than their ancestors who had done despicable unpunished crimes; 150 years of slavery here in Canada and residential schools to name a couple. Now, missing and murder indigenous females. How many of those criminals where brought to justice? None and they never will. How can trust a certain breed of white people when one is informed of these inequalities? How do you identify the bad ones? Scary world we live in. But fortunately we have buyers of our items forms day one and the majority are white. There are good white. Good white people are trustworthy. Good white people who are aware of the history and the inequalities. Fortunately we have been very prudent and responsible with out revenues and this is the reason that explains why we are so far ahead other anti-youth gangs and gun violence organizations in North America.

On May 1, 2018, an off duty police officer bought a t-shirt. Her name is Robin and I think she is with division 12. We exchanged numbers and I told her about this threat by text message.  I didn’t even tell her about the online form that they submitted as soon as we added a second website to prepare for to offer first-of-its-kind corporate sponsorship opportunities. Based on the tone of text, I think it would have agitated her even more. She responded by text message: I am going to be off for next two weeks. I saw the yonge street massacre happening on way to work and was first on scene. Do u have or know a copper you can trust to go see? Otherwise you really need this documented and have her either spoken to and cautioned or charged and arrested. I would recommend you call the non emergency when u are home 4168082222. Tell them you want to report a threat and harassment. At some point an officer will come to do report and ask you what it is you want. If you want her cautioned and to have no contact than tell the officer. If she breaks that than she could be arrested. Hope that helps.

On July 12, 2018, Mayor John Tory stated at a press conference with chief of police Mark Saunders present, These programs are absolutely essential to our reducing and dealing with this threat that is opposed to safety in our city from violence and gun activity.

Below is the e-mail to BlogTO that was sent on July 12, 2018 but went unanswered.

Below is a copy of the e-mail to Reddit that was sent on August 6, 2018 but went unanswered.