We do not sell anything for under $10.00 CDN online and rarely under $20.00 CDN when you see us in person when we are doing our advocacy work. So instead, you can buy a scratch and win and/or lottery ticket(s), do not fill out and do not sign the back of it and either give it to us when you see us doing our advocacy work or mail it to us. We'll check the scratch and win ticket(s) and numbers on the ticket(s) and redeem any winners. We came up with the ideal to use crowd funding to buy lottery tickets for our initiatives. We call it "Crowd lottery funding". Just think, the higher number of the public who buy lottery tickets for our initiatives, the higher the chances we can win enough money to fund them.

Mail the lottery ticket(s) to:

Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns

C208B-777 Bay Street, Suite 127

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

M5G 2C8

Attention: CLF