Grassroots collective action

This matter is urgent and must be taken seriously. A community intervention is overdue. Economic motivated youth crimes are at record levels and this is happening before the summer time. No wealth gap closing employment opportunities exclusively for at-risk youth over the summer time, will result in record economic motivated youth crimes. We must quickly build a growing number of safer community advocates in order to keep economic motivated youth crimes from happening in your neighborhood. If you want to reduce your cost of living, take grassroots collective action now. If you want to reduce your taxes, take grassroots collective action now. If you do not like how the government spends your tax dollars, take grassroots collective action now.

1) Buy/preorder and wear the United for grassroots powered community safety t-shirt in order to reassure residents that steps for improving safety are being taken on a community level, spread awareness and recruit others in your neighborhood to buy the same t-shirt. The fastest way to get your t-shirt is by buying it in-person from our representatives.

2) Stay informed by connecting with all our industry leading social media accounts starting with subscribing to our YouTube channel. Review. Give a thumbs up on all our videos. Comment. Share. Use this hashtag #employat-riskyouthbeforegangs And/or text "a safer community advocate" to 647-606-3519 to get alerted and keep up to date.

3) Take out a membership at option # 1.

4) Sign the petition.

5) The higher the saturation of safer community advocates, the higher the impact for community safety in your neighborhood. Recruit as many people in your neighborhood by taking the same 5 steps you are taking.

6) Pickup your Community safety t-shirt at a centralized location in your neighborhood, at a predetermined time.


How will taking grassroots community action benefit you?

- Increase community safety by taking collective action. We must get back to the basics by forming a modernized and more advanced neighborhood watch community. For example, exclusively employing at-risk youth before they engage in economic motivated youth crimes. The next project we need to fund from the sales of our items to exclusively employ at-risk youth, is our historic lawn care and car washing service.

- Improve the chances of driving down taxes.

- Negotiation service to save money. Volume purchase discounting by parent company Negotiate on Demand.

- Boycotting major supermarkets to drive down prices.

- Coming soon! A community safety app. More eyes will reduce crimes.