The stop and reverse a sudden surge of mass immigration for economic terrorism, increasing taxes and violence button

$20.00 CDN each

  • Economic terrorism.
  • Non-violence.
  • Social and economic inequality.
  • Tax hikes.

Buy and wear this 3 X 2 inch button to stand against a sudden mass immigration. We need mass distribution in order to effectively fight back and we have to move quickly. We warned for several months about tax hikes if we do not take grassroots collective action to reduce youth gangs and illegal gun violence. In addition, skyrocketing living expenses. Now with a sudden surge of mass immigration, youth gangs and illegal gun violence will be exacerbated. Too much of a good thing is always a bad thing. So for allowing too many people at a time come into wealthier countries from impoverished countries, we are hear the news reporting the government announcing record tax hikes, increased violence and a growing number of foundational Canadians or Americans joining the tent city community. Why because "outsiders", which is what they refer to us when we are visiting their countries, are engaging right in front us economic terrorism which includes running foundational Canadians and Americans small business owners out of business by only spending money with their businesses, hiring and employing their own, widespread tax evasion by opening and operating cash businesses, sending generated money to nation build for their local communities and overseas, cornering the housing market by offering higher than market value, insisting only their own to rent from housing they control. Increasing occupancy levels in neighbourhoods which drives foundational Canadians and Americans to uproot and move elsewhere and running foundational Canadian and American owners out of business. Cornering a growing number of industries such as transportation, retail and the technology. Noise pollution forcing the governments to implement laws to reduce it. Growing traffic congestion and public transit with jammed buses and subways resulting in longer commute. People from India who invades your private space who have offensive body odor. And what we noticed several years ago when interacting with the few who stop to inquire about our advocacy work and also door to door, the refusal to financial support our cause and all other well known Canadian organizations which includes the United Way, the Salvation Army and even the Terry Fox Foundation. No. Any donations are going to their charities and non-profit organizations. So tell us what evidence that shows these uninvited and unwelcome economic terrorist that they are grateful to immigrate here? Besides labour, what assets do they bring here that benefits the foundational Canadian or American?


If you don't see that these people are liabilities, you are really blind to reality. It's a power and money struggle and they come here to replace us. They haven't paid taxes here and yet they are instantly housed and economically mobile almost instantly oppose to us who took a generation or more to establish ourselves and paid taxes for over 100 years. Are they immigrating here and joining the tent city community? But yet, unhoused and unemployed African asylum seekers are camping outside for months in front of immigration offices. A consistent conversation ultimately leads to results. Visit the main Facebook page: or the Canadian Facebook page: to see the entire line of items.