$10.00 CDN each

  • - Social and economic inequality.
  • - Violence against females.
  • - Workplace harassment.
  • - The me too movement.
  • - Gang members are known to be violent against their girlfriends, their wives and their families. Unfortunately females and families do not speak out due to the fear of economic reasons and more violence.
  • - Places people are known to place this sticker: On the back of their cell phone, laptop, the outer door of their home, on their clothing and highly visible public places.
  • - Gloss finish.


The Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns sticker has been seen in a growing number of public, private places and worn. This is one of a number of items for female product line. A consistent conversation ultimately leads to results. Visit the main Facebook page: www.facebook.com/silencetheviolenceandshuntheguns/ in the shop and photos section or the Canadian Facebook page: www.facebook.com/silencetheviolenceandshunthegunscanada/ in the photos section to see the entire line of items. Buy here!