The Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns garage door cover


$1,250.00 CDN for 1 garage door

$1,500.00 CDN for 2 door garage door(s)

  • - Social and economic exclusion.
  • - At-risk youth and youth gangs.
  • - Illegal gun ownership and weapons.
  • - Female violence.
  • - Male violence.
  • - LGBTQ violence.
  • - Violence by the police.
  • - Racism.

Make a bold statement while building a bridge with the legal and law abiding gun owner community.  Statistics show that gun violence incidents are a fraction of a fraction of a percent. We have to face the facts and act. Whether you are against any gun violence or illegal gun violence, make your voice heard and take collective action with others, including the legal and law abiding gun owners who are intelligent enough to know that taking no action is not an option. And it will take a significant amount of money to see results. Act now before illegal gun violence gets out of reach to reverse it.

Note: Provide the measurements of your garage door(s) in order to ensure a proper fitting.

Estimated delivery: Within 30 - 45 days.

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