The inaugural annual "year ahead prediction campaign" in the path and beyond concerning youth gangs and gun violence is the most important, and moving forward, the most anticipated outreach campaign of the year. Starting in the second week of January and ending on March 31, this campaign reassures the public of our ongoing presence and efforts which allows the public the opportunity to share with us their thoughts concerning the past year and their prediction for the year ahead. By collecting intelligence from the public, we are able to get an accurate understanding on how the public is responding to the ongoing developments when it relates to the ongoing battle for the reduction of youth gangs and gun violence.

Now that the foundation has been built, we are now in the final stage of our long journey to fully self fund this initiative which has never been done before. A long and growing list of unprecedented achievements has unfolded. And it is undisputed that we have achieved, by far, all-around the most to make a difference to reduce youth gangs and gun violence. Recently, the rich, the power and famous has used their name to expedite our progression.  Our campaign will be  focused on the highest concentration of our base of supporters starting in the Toronto financial district. So if you spot us, take a minute to stop us, thank us for our efforts and share with us your feedback. And if you feel compelled to do so, buy our items right on the spot or even better, establish a micro partnership with us. Remember, we all have a role to reduce youth gangs and gun violence.